Kód Názov taxónu Alpínsky bioregión Panónsky bioregión
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4070* Campanula serrata IN MOD G Centre    
4091 Crambe tataria     IN MOD Same as for habitat 6250 - Sovie vinohrady
1902 Cypripedium calceolus     Sci Res Check in Bodvianska pahorkatina
4075* Dianthus lumnitzeri IN MOD   IN MAJOR one site to be added - Devínsky hradný vrch
4067 Echium russicum     IN MOD 1 - 3 sites to be added
4096 Gladiolus palustris IN MAJOR      
4104 Himantoglossum adriaticum IN MOD 1 additional site    
2203* Onosma tornensis     IN MOD 1 site to be added: Dolný vrch - east
2094* Pulsatilla slavica IN MOD      
4111* Pulsatilla subslavica IN MOD      
* (star) -> Priority species
SUF -> Sufficient -> No further sites needed
IN MOD -> Insufficient moderate -> One or a few additional sites (or maybe extension to sites) required.
IN MAJOR -> Insufficient major -> No sites proposed at present and a significant effort required
Sci Res -> Scientific reserve -> A definite conclusion is not possible: need to investigate/clarify a scientific issue – interpretation of habitat, controversial presence of species, etc.
G -> Geographical -> Used to qualify an IN MOD. Indicates that the insufficiency is mainly linked to the bad geographical coverage of proposed sites – e.g. more sites needed in north-east
? -> Scientific reserve in the reference list -> No conclusion for the time being; check presence of species in the Biogeographical region