KódSkupinaNázov taxónuAlpínsky bioregiónPanónsky bioregión
1130FishAspius aspiusIN MOD + Sci ResAdd ‘stepping-stone’ sites & Check other occurencesIN MOD / Sci Res
1138FishBarbus meridionalisIN MOD + Sci ResIN MOD / Sci Res
1149FishCobitis taeniaIN MOD + Sci ResIN MOD / Sci Res
1163FishCottus gobioIN MOD GNorth-East
1098FishEudontomyzon spp.
Eudontomyzon danfordi
Eudontomyzon mariae
1124FishGobio albipinnatusIN MODAdd ‘stepping-stone’ sites and additional areasIN MOD G1 site to be added : Danube with HU border
2511FishGobio kessleriSci ResIN MOD GDanube
1122FishGobio uranoscopusIN MODAdd ‘stepping-stone’ sites to link with Danube and TiszaIN MOD / Sci Res
2555FishGymnocephalus baloniIN MODDanube
1157FishGymnocephalus schraetzerIN MODAdd ‘stepping-stone’ sites to link with DanubeIN MOD / Sci Res
1105FishHucho huchoSUF + Sci ResCheck in other areasIN MOD / Sci Res
1096FishLampetra planeriIN MOD + Sci ResCheck other areas
1145FishMisgurnus fossilisSUF + Sci ResIN MOD G / Sci ResDanube with HU border
2522FishPelecus cultratusIN MOD GMorava river
1134FishRhodeus sericeus amarusIN MODIN MOD G / Sci ResDanube with HU border
1139FishRutilus frisii meidingeriIN MAJOR / Sci Res
1114FishRutilus pigusIN MODEnlarge proposed site and add ‘stepping-stone’ sitesIN MOD / Sci Res
1146FishSabanejewia aurataIN MODAdd ‘stepping-stone’ sites to link with DanubeIN MOD / Sci Res
1160FishZingel streberIN MOD + Sci ResAdd ‘stepping-stone’ sites to link with DanubeIN MOD / Sci Res
1159FishZingel zingelIN MOD / Sci Res
1098FishEudontomyzon danfordiIN MODIN MOD / Sci Res
1098FishEudontomyzon mariaeIN MODIN MOD / Sci Res
4056InvertebratesAnisus vorticulusSci Resmove the record in the site SKUEV0090 from the spec table into Annex II table
4011InvertebratesBolbelasmus unicornisIN MIN + Sci ResNear CZ border
4014InvertebratesCarabus variolosusIN MIN + Sci ResNear CZ border
4015InvertebratesCarabus zawadszkiiSci ResEast
4045InvertebratesCoenagrion ornatumSci Res
4030InvertebratesColias myrmidoneSci Res
4032InvertebratesDioszeghyana schmidtiiSci Res
4018InvertebratesDuvalius hungaricusSci Res on ref. List
1074InvertebratesEriogaster cataxIN MOD
1065InvertebratesEuphydryas auriniaIN MOD3 added sites
1082InvertebratesGraphoderus bilineatusSci Res
1052InvertebratesHypodryas maturna Sci Res
4050InvertebratesIsophya stysiIN MODcheck dataIN MIN
4036InvertebratesLeptidea morseiSci Res + CDCorrect the SDF of site SKUEV0326 (only Alpine region)
1061InvertebratesMaculinea nausithousSci ResIN MOD1 added site
1059InvertebratesMaculinea teleiusSci ResIN MOD + CDCorrect the SDF of site SKUEV0326 (only Alpine region)
4052InvertebratesOdontopodisma rubripesSUFcheck data
1084*InvertebratesOsmoderma eremitaSci Res
4053InvertebratesParacaloptenus caloptenoidesSci ResCheck in 1 new site
4054InvertebratesPholidoptera transsylvanicaIN MOD1 additional site
4063InvertebratesSadleriana pannonicaSci Res
1014InvertebratesVertigo angustiorSci ResIN MIN
1013InvertebratesVertigo geyeriSci Res
1016InvertebratesVertigo moulinsianaSci ResIN MIN + CD
1352*MammalCanis lupusIN MIN + Sci ResCorridors with CZ;
1361MammalLynx lynxIN MOD GEast – Centre
2633MammalMustela eversmanniiIN MAJOR
2021MammalSicista subtilisSci Res in ref. List
1335MammalSpermophilus citellusIN MOD
1323Mammal-ChiropteraMyotis bechsteiniIN MIN / Sci Resmove the record in the site SKUEV0064 from the spec table to Annex II table
1307Mammal-ChiropteraMyotis blythiiSci ResCheck taxonomy in NorthSci Res
1318Mammal-ChiropteraMyotis dasycnemeSci Res
1321Mammal-ChiropteraMyotis emarginatusIN MIN / Sci Resmove the record in site SKUEV0064 from the spec. table into Annex II table
1324Mammal-ChiropteraMyotis myotisIN MOD G + CDSouth and East Slovakia, Correct the SDF of site SKUEV0326 (only Alpine region)
1303Mammal-ChiropteraRhinolophus hipposiderosIN MOD GEast Slovakia, central part of South Slovakia
* (star) -> Priority species
SUF -> Sufficient -> No further sites needed
IN MIN -> Insufficient minor -> More sites required but species is present on sites already proposed for other habitats/species
IN MOD -> Insufficient moderate -> One or a few additional sites (or maybe extension to sites) required.
IN MAJOR -> Insufficient major -> No sites proposed at present and a significant effort required
Sci Res -> Scientific reserve -> A definite conclusion is not possible: need to investigate/clarify a scientific issue ֠interpretation of habitat, controversial presence of species, etc.
G -> Geographical -> Used to qualify an IN MOD. Indicates that the insufficiency is mainly linked to the bad geographical coverage of proposed sites ֠e.g. more sites needed in north-east
CD -> Correction of data -> Data needs to be corrected / completed / deleted
? -> Scientific reserve in the reference list -> No conclusion for the time being; check presence of species in the Biogeographical region